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Unlock the Power of Automation and Data Management with HubSpot's Operations Hub

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Unlock the Power of Automation and Data Management with HubSpot's Operations Hub

As companies grow, their systems become increasingly complex. Every employee has their own favorite SaaS apps, managers have their own spreadsheets, and teams have their own processes – all of which can lead to disconnection, mistrust, and miscommunication, resulting in decreased efficiency.

To try and solve these issues, each department often hires its own operations person to try and connect the dots and build a better system, but it is often too late and the systems remain siloed and solitary.

As a result, the operations personnel are overworked and under-resourced and struggle to keep up with the tech debt, leading to a stalled flywheel and dissatisfaction among customers due to sloppy systems and overly complex processes, resulting in unsubscribes, lost deals, and cancellations.

To succeed and flourish, your business must run more efficiently. In order to do that you need to reimagine operations with RevOps – centralized, unified, and never an afterthought.

To achieve this, you need an operations toolset that connects tools, cleans customer data, and automates business processes.

HubSpot Operations Hub – a CRM platform that unites all your customer data in one place, allowing for a more efficient, aligned, agile business and an operations team that is unhindered and strategic. The result? A frictionless customer experience.

HubSpot Operations Hub: Why do you need it?

Operations teams have the potential to be a lynchpin for your business, but instead, they spend the majority of their time trying to resolve data and process issues, leaving only a small fraction of their time to focus on business strategy and improving the customer experience. It’s time to change this, to liberate operations teams and allow them to realize their strategic potential.

Powered by HubSpot CRM, Operations Hub transforms HubSpot CRM into an easy-to-use customer data management tool so that operations teams can spend less time putting out fires and more time driving strategic business value. With Operations Hub, all data about your customers can be connected to one platform, rather than being split up into siloed tools. As a result, your team becomes more efficient, aligned, and agile. It becomes an unhindered and strategic operations team that provides a frictionless customer experience.

HubSpot Operations Hub allows you to concentrate on growing instead than on growing pains:

  • Automation of data quality and data sync for easier alignment
  • Data sets for easier adoption
  • Programmable automation for easier adaptation

Let’s talk features…

  • Data Sync – HubSpot’s data sync packs all the punch of a custom-built connector – bidirectional syncing, custom field mappings, filtering, and historical syncing – in an easy, code-free package. With your business apps in sync, your ops team will be free from integration fires, your go-to-market teams will be aligned and empowered, and your customer experience will be friction-free.
  • Programmable Automations – Create custom automation actions for every business process using JavaScript – from renewal management to commission calculations to data enrichment – to keep your team efficient and your customers happy.

  • Data Quality Automations – Clean up date properties, capitalize first names, and more with out-of-the-box automations. With HubSpot workflows, your data will be clean and under control, automatically, so your Operations team can focus on sparking growth instead of putting out data fires.
  • Data Sets – Create reusable tables of data to enable easy, robust, self-service report creation for business users.

Use Cases

  • Establishing HubSpot as a single source of truth – sync your CRM with your ERP platform, marketing apps, and phone contacts.
  • Easy migration to HubSpot – Use HubSpot Sync to migrate all your contact and company data into HubSpot, including historical data.
  • Clean up dirty data – as your company scales, it’s hard to keep your data clean. New tools arise; new managers create new processes; new reps adopt your systems in different ways. Dirty data leads to inefficiency and poor experiences. With the new data quality actions in workflows, you can clean your data with less time-consuming Excel work
  • Create custom automation for more complex business processes – use custom automation to enrich leads and accounts with third-party data, rotate leads with logic, create sales or service SLAs, manage your renewals, and create a complicated calculated properties.

In conclusion

HubSpot’s Operations Hub is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes and industries to streamline and automate various aspects of their operations. With its automation, data management, reporting, and analytics capabilities, businesses can improve their efficiency, productivity, and customer experience. Additionally, its integration with other HubSpot tools allows businesses to access and use all of their data and tools in one place, making it a great addition to any business’s tech stack.