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Unleashing The HubSpot Operations Hub to Scale up Your Business - Glare

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Unleashing The HubSpot Operations Hub to Scale up Your Business - Glare

As companies scale, systems snowball. Every employee buys their favorite SaaS apps. Every manager maintains their own spreadsheet. Every team builds its own process. Disconnection ensues. Mistrust and miscommunication flare. Efficiency tanks.

To solve this problem, each department hires its own operations person, hoping to connect the dots and architect a better system. But in reality, ops is brought on too late, tasked with the impossible project of untangling sloppy systems and overly complex processes, all from their own silo. Eventually, this crucial role ends up under-resourced, overworked, and doomed to fail.

If you’re in ops, you know what we’re talking about. Even if you’re not, chances are you know these growing pains too (or you will soon). An ineffective operations strategy can lead to unsubscribes, lost deals, and cancellations.When you’re looking to scale, operational inefficiency and complexity are the enemy of growth.

The fact is that operations teams spend 80% of their time putting out data and process fires and only 20% driving business strategy and improving the customer experience.

In order to scale better, your company needs to run better. In order to do that you need an operations team that’s unchained from disconnected, dirty data and mundane, manual processes. You need an Operations team that’s unleashed to solve real business problems.

What you need is HubSpot Operations Hub.

By using Operations Hub you are basically allowing your operations teams to work together under a unified RevOps strategy, they’ll be able to more efficiently set up your go-to-market teams for success, and help delight your customers at scale. But merely adopting a strategy is not enough.

In addition, your RevOps team will be able to spend less time fighting fires and more time driving strategic business value, Operations Hub supercharges HubSpot CRM with a suite of tools that makes it easy to connect, clean, and automate your customer data. Unlike siloed data tools, Operations Hub combines an ops team’s full toolkit into a CRM platform, uniting all your customer data on one connected platform.

The result: a more efficient, aligned, and agile business, an unhindered and strategic ops team, and a friction-free customer experience.

With Operations Hub, you have:

  • A truly connected CRM – Keep your customer data in sync across all your business apps, two ways and in real time — no third-party integration tools required. Save hours of manual data entry for your ops teams, and empower and align your teams with dependable, consistent, and up-to-date data.
  • A database that cleans itself  – Your customer experience is only as clean as the data that powers it. With Operations Hub, ensuring data quality isn’t just easy; it’s automatic. Declutter date properties, clean up country codes, polish up phone number fields, and more — faster than you can say “export and import.”
  • Automation as flexible as your imagination – As online touchpoints multiply, automation keeps your team efficient and your customer experience consistent. With Operations Hub, set up custom automation to remove friction from your entire business process, adapt to ever-changing customer needs, and ensure your company runs smoothly as it scales

These are some of the features that the operations hub has to offer:

  • Data Sync – HubSpot’s data sync packs all the punch of a custom-built connector – bidirectional syncing, custom field mappings, filtering, historical syncing -in an easy, code-free package.
  • Programmable Automation – Create custom automation actions for every business process using JavaScript – from renewal management to commission calculations to data enrichment – to keep your team efficient and your customers happy.
  • Data Quality Automation – Clean up date properties, capitalize first names, and more with new out-of-the-box automations. With HubSpot workflows, your data will be clean and under control, automatically, so your Operations team can focus on sparking growth instead of putting out data fires.
  • Data sets – Create reusable tables of data to enable easy, robust, self-service report creation for business users.
  • Expanded Operational Capacity – to keep up with your business’s growth, you need more room to run. When HubSpot customers add Operations Hub to the CRM platform, they get increases to existing limits on lists, reports, and workflows, ensuring their tech stack scales as they grow.

Bottom line: 

Because Operations Hub is part of the HubSpot CRM platform, it means you can unite all your data in a single source of truth:

This means you can:

  • Align around a single source of truth for data.
  • Leverage flexible automation to streamline process.
  • Create more personalized, data-powered content.
  • Report with clean, consistent, and up-to-date data.
  • Segment your messaging to improve your CX.

Wondering if this is the right tool for you?

Let’s talk and we will help you decide.