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Grow Better with Artificial Intelligence

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Grow Better with Artificial Intelligence

“I know a lot about artificial intelligence, but not as much as it knows about me” (Dave waters).

Marketing automation and artificial intelligence became common words to describe tools that allow marketers to automate and optimize tasks across marketing and sales needs.

AI has become a buzzword, there is no doubt about that, but we need to remember it’s not magic, it’s more like a hardworking and very skilled employee. This tool can help you make better decisions or discover insights. 

In marketing automation AI can help in different aspects: 

  • CRM and data cleanliness– by checking your data in real-time (or even every defined time window) marketers and salespeople can run better campaigns or approach potential customers with the right solution. AI can identify duplicate contacts in the CRM, and provide an intelligent solution to merge them, and that saves duplicate communication and cross messaging. 
  • Campaign creation– combining AI with marketing automation in campaign creation can individualize customer experiences. AI helps marketers scale the number of journeys they create, without worrying about spamming their customers. It can quickly identify available campaigns for each potential customer and choose the next action to take for them in the journey, to get better results. 
    • Segmentation– segmenting the right audience per each campaign, could be done based on ABM, look-alike lists, website visitors, and more. Segmentation can be done not only at the audience level but also at the messaging level. The content can be created based on their interest, lifecycle stage location, and more. 
    • Budget– by defining the right campaigns and content to the right audience AI can also help allocate budget among different channels, forecast expected results, and help marketers save money. 
    • Scheduling– this is one of the most common uses of AI in marketing automation. With global companies with a wide target audience that prefer to receive communication on different time frames. Scheduling features have become common for email sending, social media posting, and marketing calendars.
    • Insights– creating campaigns are nice but you need to remember that campaign insight is essential for optimizing customer journeys and to understand why a customer is doing what they are doing. Therefore it is imperative for marketers to use readable and accessible intelligence to make data-driven decisions. By using AI in marketing automation platforms marketers can discover the impact campaigns had on different KPIs by presenting it in multi-touch attribution reports. According to new research from Merkle, 52% of US and UK marketers have increased spending during the outbreak, prioritizing and investing in strategies that aim to satisfy and retain their existing customer base. In fact, according to Forbes, 73% of companies with above-average customer experience perform better financially than their competitors. Furthermore, brands with superior customer experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue than competitors that lag in customer experience. 

Using different platforms can help you bring the most out of your campaign and create better journeys. But it’s important to understand how the different tools can help you, and complete all the steps of campaign creation to get the full understanding and the best customer experience. Different tools can help you with your email marketing, chatbots, SEO analysis, data enrichment, reporting, and more. 

There is no doubt that Artificial intelligence is a very powerful tool, but in order for it to be maximized and get the most out of it hard work is required. With the right tools and preparation, both marketers and salespeople can achieve results in no time.

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